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Skill defense +20% to light allies
Deals 86 damage
Deals 272 damage to 1 enemy and gains immunity to debuffs for 6s
Deals 517 damage to 1 enemy and gives +1000HP shield and +50% defense for 14s to all allies
Deals 1664 damage to 3 random enemies and drive skill defense +40% for 15s to all allies

Dana is a "child", or soul, that you can summon to fight your way through the world of Destiny Child.



A young woman who once fell victim to a new religion sought salvation from demons, her wishes giving birth to a Child who would become a goddess herself.

Taking her name from the mother goddess, Dana is so dignified that she speaks of herself as a deity.

She seems to have mysterious powers, perhaps because her pactmaker does as well, but the extent of her spiritual ability is unclear.


It should be noted that in this case, the use of "child" does not mean the character is a child. Like all the other summons in this game, "child" simply refers to the soul that is being summoned.

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